Awarded conjointly by Regis College and the University of Toronto
The Master of Arts in Ministry and Spirituality program is designed for women and men with active ministerial experience who seek to expand and deepen a social and spiritual vision through theological study and reflection on the personal and societal dimensions of work and service in a post-modern culture. It emphasises a deepening of theological understanding as well as training in specialized pastoral skills.

This program may be pursued on a full-time or part-time basis. Students must select Pastoral Praxis as their area of focus. Pastoral Praxis fosters spiritual and emotional maturity for men and women desiring effective ministerial practice and authentic witness in church and society. The program combines a MA in MS as a first theological degree with the opportunity to develop skills foundational to the art of spiritual direction. The program combines courses in theological studies with a transformative method of preparation for ministry. Candidates are expected to have considerable life experience and a high level of maturity. Candidates bring a capacity for genuine self-awareness to a reflective process of supervision.  These studies take place in a context of Ignatian spirituality that invites and promotes ecumenical community, effective ministerial practice and authentic witness.

The MA in MS can be taken concurrently with the Diploma in Spiritual Direction, for which a separate application is required.


The Master of Arts in Ministry and Spirituality program, through both its academic and pastoral components seeks:


  • to present new theological insights for a deeper understanding of ministerial issues;
  • to enable students to understand the relationship among theological reflection, ministerial development and spiritual growth; and
  • to open the creative power of the imagination to new ministerial alternatives.



Admission Requirements

Please refer to the Basic Degree and Advanced Degree admission requirements.


Program Outline & Requirements

The Master of Arts in Ministry & Spirituality is a two-year, twenty-credit program that can be completed on a part-time basis. Students must follow the Pastoral Praxis Focus. All students convocate with the Master of Arts in Ministry & Spirituality. See below for specific requirements.

All students are required to maintain an electronic portfolio that documents their progress through their programs.

Pastoral Praxis Focus

Religious Heritage: 9 Units


  • RGB1501H Introduction to New Testament
  • One Elective in New Testament
  • One Old Testament Elective: Preferably Introduction
  • One History Elective
  • One Theological Elective in Anthropology
  • One Theological Elective in Christology
  • One Theological Elective in Ecclesiology
  • One Theological Elective in Social Ethics
  • One Theological Elective in Systematics or Ethics

Personal and Spiritual Formation: 3 Units

  • RGP3687H Integration for Ministry I: Practicum & Seminar
  • RGP3688H Integration for Ministry II: Practicum & Seminar
  • RGP3689H Integration for Ministry III: Christian Mysticism in the World

Cultural Context: 4 Units


  • RGP3281H Religious Experience in the World’s Religions
  • RGP3214H Spirituality & Culture
  • RGT1905H Introduction to Theological Ethics and Moral Theology
  • One Elective in Cultural Context

Theological Reflection on Discipleship in Ministry: 4 units

  • RGP3218H Pastoral Component: completion of a supervised program of ministerial growth/development of 200 hours.
  • Three Pastoral Electives

Graduation Requirements

  • A passing grade in each of the 20 course units, including a pass in the pastoral component (RGP3218H) or equivalent.
  • An overall average of B-.

Application Materials

Application materials common to all certificate programs, basic degrees, and ecclesiastical degrees (see Admissions Process), plus/and more specifically:


  • Academic transcripts
  • Statement of purpose
  • Contact information for two (2) referees