Awarded conjointly by Regis College and the University of Toronto
The Doctoral Studies program at Regis College provides a rich intellectual and spiritual formation in the context of one of the world’s leading research universities that prepares students for advanced research, creative teaching and innovative leadership in the academy and faith communities. The goal of the doctoral program is to form theologians who excel intellectually in the Church, the academy and society.

Critical knowledge of theological methodology and an ability to contribute original research in a chosen field of study will be key factors in the process. The program stresses collaborative education, with scholarly interchange across the traditional sub-disciplines of theological studies (Bible, history, theology, pastoral praxis). Research and teaching is centered in the study of Christian life and thought past and present recognizing that creative theological conversation and specialized research require in depth appropriation of philosophical and religious traditions of the past as well as ecumenical, interdisciplinary, inter-religious and cross-cultural co-operation in the present. Courses and research projects consider interdisciplinary, ecumenical, and global perspectives with focused attention to issues of method in research and learning goals in educational theory, course design, and instructional practice. Students enrolling through Regis College enjoy a committed Roman Catholic faith community grounded in Ignatian spirituality that values academic excellence, aesthetic appreciation, critical dialogue with culture and engaged learning that addresses issues of justice.


The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Theological Studies is a 4 to 6 year program with language requirements, 8 advanced level courses, comprehensive exams, thesis and oral examination. Two years of full-time residency required. Students with an A- average in an appropriate first degree in theology may register through Regis College for the PhD program.

Course and language requirements vary by Department. Please see the TST website for course units and comprehensive examinations, as well as doctoral thesis and defence requirements. The course of study for these programs requires a minimum of two years’ full-time residence and completion of a specified number of study units.

Candidates holding an STB degree are invited to inquire about the possibility of pursuing a corresponding ecclesiastical program (STL and/or STD).

All students are required to maintain an electronic portfolio that documents their progress through their programs.

Please Note: The conjoint Doctor of Theology (ThD) is no longer open to admissions. Regis College and TST are strongly committed to supporting all currently registered ThD students to the completion of their programs.

For admission requirements, procedures, and deadlines, please consult the Toronto School of Theology (TST) website