Faith Issues Today

Faith Issues Today is a continuous learning and Professional Development Series offered at Regis College. This series offers non-credit courses on scripture, church history, theology and its relevancy in today’s world. Those interested in our Teacher Formation Program are able to receive a Certificate of Completion with a Professional Development Receipt upon approval.

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Regis College is located at 100 Wellesley Street West, Toronto, near the corner of Queen’s Park Crescent East. Regis College is on the 94 Wellesley bus route and a short walk (south) from the Museum subway station. Public parking is available in the University of St. Michael’s College parking lot on St. Joseph Street, one block north of Regis College. The College is accessible.

Previous Series

Jerusalem City of Destiny

Presented by Scott Lewis, SJ

FIT - Jerusalem 2018 Digital Sign (2)

What Matters Most About the Jesuits?

Presented by Thomas Worcester, SJ

Founded in 1540 by Ignatius of Loyola, the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) has been praised as a saintly god-send and condemned as the work of Satan. This lecture will open up the complexities of Jesuit history and explore the current life and work of this Catholic religious order and its global vocation.

Mission, Collaboration and Networking: The Society of Jesus After GC36.

Presented by Fr. Timothy Kesicki, S.J.

FIT - Mission, Collaboration & Networking- The Society of Jesus after GC36 2017

This lecture, presented by the President of the Jesuit Conference of Canada and the United States, focused on the Mission, Collaboration and Networking of the Society of Jesus after GC36.

Spiritual Companionship on the Journey to Wholeness 

Presented by Michael Saver

This Lenten series invites you to self-reflection exploring your own experience of important themes of the inner life (change, giftedness, vocation, healing, integrity, paradox) using the Circle of Trust process originated by Parker J. Palmer. The process sets out a way to spiritually companion one other that is deeply caring and respectful.
Together, we will explore and practice the spiritual disciplines of presence, embracing silence, respectful deep listening, unconditional personal regard and the use of open, honest questions as a support to discernment. The process is completely invitational – participation is always at an individual’s comfort level.

Rowing in the Deep – GC36: The General Congregation

Presented by Peter Bisson, S.J.

In the 476 years since its founding, the Society of Jesus has convened only 35 general congregations. On October 2, 2016, General Congregation 36 convened in Rome. A general congregation is the supreme governing body of the  Society of Jesus. 200 plus delegates from around the world attended the congregation. All nine Jesuit provincials from Canada and the U.S attended. Fr. Peter Bisson will describe the process, topics, and decisions made that will guide the Jesuits and the Church in the coming years.

The Joy of the Gospel – Evangelii Gaudium

Presented by Scott Lewis, S.J.

Using the challenging and thought-provoking apostolic exhortation Evangelii Gaudium (The Joy of the Gospel), this four-part series will explore Pope Francis’ roadmap for the Church’s pastoral mission and work in the world.

Paul – We Hardly Know You

Presented by Scott Lewis, S.J.


Mention of Paul seldom elicits a neutral response from people, for he is idolized by some and roundly loathed and hated by others. Many labels have been pinned on him: renegade from Judaism and founder of Christian anti-Semitism, misogynist and oppressor of women, founder of Christianity (not at all in a positive sense!), perverter of the simple teachings of Jesus, and either proto-Catholic or proto-Protestant. These labels do not withstand the sound, cutting – edge Pauline scholarship of the last 50 years. This ‘new perspective’ as it is called combines careful historical study and textual analysis to understand Paul in the context of the Second-Temple Judaism to which he belonged. The Paul that emerges from this new perspective is a complex and nuanced individual, as well as a true religious genius, visionary, and religious innovator. Please join us as we become acquainted with the Paul we never knew.