Faith Issues Today

Faith Issues Today is a continuous learning and Professional Development Series offered at Regis College. This series offers non-credit courses on scripture, church history, theology and its relevancy in today’s world. Those interested in our Teacher Formation Program are able to receive a Certificate of Completion with a Professional Development Receipt upon approval.

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Paul – We Hardly Know You

Presented by Scott Lewis, S.J.


Mention of Paul seldom elicits a neutral response from people, for he is idolized by some and roundly loathed and hated by others. Many labels have been pinned on him: renegade from Judaism and founder of Christian anti-Semitism, misogynist and oppressor of women, founder of Christianity (not at all in a positive sense!), perverter of the simple teachings of Jesus, and either proto-Catholic or proto-Protestant. These labels do not withstand the sound, cutting – edge Pauline scholarship of the last 50 years. This ‘new perspective’ as it is called combines careful historical study and textual analysis to understand Paul in the context of the Second-Temple Judaism to which he belonged. The Paul that emerges from this new perspective is a complex and nuanced individual, as well as a true religious genius, visionary, and religious innovator. Please join us as we become acquainted with the Paul we never knew.