Faith Issues Today

Faith Issues Today is a continuous learning and Professional Development Series offered at Regis College. This series offers non-credit courses on scripture, church history, theology and its relevancy in today’s world. On request a Professional Development Certificate of Completion will be issued.



Becoming Different: God, the Orthodox Church and the Holy Spirit


For centuries, Russia has been the homeland of the Eastern Orthodox Church. It is the home to a variety of religious architecture dating back a millennia. Scattered all over its vast territory are Orthodox churches and monasteries. Nearly every Russian town and city  is lit by the glow of its gilded domes. The colorful onion domes of St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow to the white-and-blue domes of churches, monasteries and hermitages are home to sacred icons, religious relics and historical frescoes and murals which offer a glimpse of the history of the Orthodox church.Minsk, Belarus, is famous for the writing of icons. Orthodox Christians believe that an icon is the spiritual door to the divine world, to the Holy Spirit.


“In a word, one who has acquired the Holy Spirit becomes totally renewed; they becomes different in mind, heart and will.” (root of the Russian word for monk, inok—one who is “different”) -Abbot Nikon Vorobiev