Diploma in Spiritual Direction – Option Concurrent with Either the MA in MS or MDiv Degree

In Spring 2020 the Regis College Academic Council approved a Diploma in Spiritual Direction (DipSD) that can be concurrently earned with either the MA in MS degree or the MDiv in recognition that rigorous academic theological training combined with a transformative method equips spiritual directors with the self-awareness, affective freedom, and intellectual flexibility  required to accompany the spiritual journeys of women and men from diverse cultures and religious traditions. The diploma is designed for those who have completed an initial period of discerning a potential involvement in this ministry as well as experienced spiritual directors who seek ongoing professional development. The program is a process of formation which requires candidates to have considerable life experience, a high level of maturity and the capacity for genuine self-awareness. The Diploma in Spiritual Direction may be pursued on a full-time or part-time basis.


  • To assist women and men in discerning their capacity for the ministry of spiritual direction
  • To offer opportunities for ongoing professional development
  • To integrate theological reflection with the practice of spiritual direction

Admission Requirements

To qualify for entry to the DipSD, applicants must:

  • Have been accepted into either the MA in MS or MDiv at Regis College
  • Have received two years of spiritual direction and completed an eight-day retreat in the Ignatian tradition
  • Have completed four units in either the MDiv (including RGP1621H Ignatian Foundations for Mission and Ministry, RGP3661HS Practicum in Spiritual Direction, and RGP3248YF Retreat in Everyday Life) or the MA in MS (including RGP3687HF Integration for Ministry I, RGP3661HS, and RGP3248Y)
  • Submit two referee evaluations
  • Submit a statement of intent
  • Complete a self-evaluation
  • Complete and submit their discernment paper from RGP3248Y
  • Undertake a police check (applicants may submit a previously completed police check if it was valid within the last 5 years)
  • Contact regis.admissions@utoronto.ca to schedule an admissions interview.

If you are not already a student in the MA in MS or MDiv program at Regis College, find out more about how to apply for these Basic Degree programs:


Program Outline 

Completion of all program requirements for either the MA in MS or the MDiv, plus:


Phase I: Ten units of study concurrent with either the MA in MS or the MDiv, including

  • RGP3688H     Integration for Ministry II
  • RGP3214H     Spirituality and Culture
  • RGP3281H     Religious Experience in World Religions
  • RGP3272H     The Spiritual Journey (1 unit)     or     RGP3212YS     Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius (2 units)
  • RGT1905H     Introduction to Theological Ethics and Moral Theology
  • RGP3269H     Eight-month supervised practice of spiritual direction
  • Three or four electives to complete a ten-unit program of study

Phase II: A final, integrative theological reflection paper and competency interview


NB: Courses transferred upon admission into either the MA in MS or the MDiv may be counted towards the concurrent units.



Integration with the MDiv Program

Students enrolled in the MDiv program should expect to take normally 32 units to complete the requirements of both the MDiv and the DipSD.

With permission of the Basic Degree Programs Director, MDiv students completing the Ignatian core within the MDiv may substitute

  • RGT1101H to take the place of RGP3214H,
  • a pastoral elective to take the place of RGP3688H,
  • a pastoral elective to take the place of RGP3281H,

and may apply the DipSD Supervised Pastoral Component (including RGP3269H) for RGF3010H Theological Field Placement.