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On this page Regis College students can find key dates throughout the academic semester and year.
  • July 2024
  • August 2024
  • September 2024
  • October 2024
  • November 2024
  • December 2023
  • January 2024
  • February 2024
  • March 2024
  • April 2024
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  • June 2024

July 1

  • Canada Day

July 2

  • Start of 20245S courses

July 5

  • FINCA – automatic cancellation of registration for students who have not made the minimum payment

July 15

  • First day students may enroll on ACORN in September term and next January term courses

July 31

  • Due date for registrar’s office to receive non-conjoint and ThM Declaration of Full-Time/Part-Time Status

August 5

  • Civic Holiday

August 9

  • Deadline to pay Fall session (TST REG)

August 14

  • Summer session ends

August 15

  • Absolute last day to submit name change requests for November 2024 graduation
  • Last day for incoming new students to submit their Financial Assistance Application for the next academic year

August 28

  • Due date for September term requests: Extensions, Reading and Research Course Requests, CPE documents, BD requesting AD level courses, AD research/thesis, and MTS Synthesis Paper/Summative Exercises enrolment approval forms to reach Regis College Registrar’s Office. Unsinged forms will not be processed.
  • Due date for MTS Synthesis Paper Proposal Planning Form to reach Registrar’s Office for September term or both September and January terms enrolment

September 2

  • Labour Day Holiday

September 3

  • GCTS Language Exam

September 4

  • Regis St. Michael’s Orientation Day (4 pm – 6 pm) – MANDATORY FOR ALL NEW JANUARY, SUMMER, AND SEPTEMBER STUDENTS

September 5

  • Writing Workshop (in-person), 4 pm (Mandatory for all new January, Summer, and September students)

September 6

  • TST GCTS Orientation for AD Students

September 9

  • Classes begin for Fall 2024 term courses

September 13

  • Last day to add HF, HY, YF and YY courses
  • Last day to defend theses for Fall Convocation

September 17

  • Absolute deadline for TSpace submissions to be approved for Fall Convocation

September 30

  • Due date for 2023 PhD cohort to submit Plan of Study to TST GCTS Office
  • SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship Application Deadline to TST

October 4

  • FINCA – Automatic cancellation of registration for students who have not made minimum payment

October 14

  • Thanksgiving Day Holiday

October 23

  • Tri-College Mass (Regis hosting)

October 28 – November 1

  • Reading Week

November 9

  • Convocation: University of St. Michael’s College Faculty of Theology

November 11

  • Convocation: St. Augustine’s Seminary

November 13

  • Due date for current students tot send in late financial assistance applications for undistributed funds

November 15

  • Last day to drop HF and YF courses

November 23

  • Convocation: Regis College

December 1

  • Deadline to submit all January request forms to the Registrar’s Office.


December 4

  • 20241 Registration Deadline (Minimum payment must be made to complete registration)


December 11

  • TST Classes End


December 12-15

  • TST Examination Week


December 13

  • Last day for the GCTS to received signed approval requests for Winter 2024 academic activities (e.g. program extensions, reading and research course requests). College deadlines may be earlier.


December 15

  • Completed MTS Synthesis Paper (YF) to reach Mentor and Second Reader for evaluation
  • Deadline to submit the MTS Synthesis Paper Proposal Planning form to the Registrar’s Office for January enrolment.


December 21-January 2

  • Christmas Closure (until January 2)

January 2

  • UofT Presidential Day (Regis College closed)


January 3

  • Regis College reopens


January 5

  • Fall Session Grades seen by students via ACORN


January 8

  • TST Classes begin


January 12

  • Last day to add HS and YS Courses


January 18-25

  • Christian Unity Week


January 22

  • Last day to submit non-conjoint ThM and MA theses to TST for examination for Spring Convocation


January 24

  • TST-wide Ecumenical Worship Service


January 26

  • FINCA – Automatic cancellation of registration for students who have not made minimum payment.
  • GCTS Language Exams

February 19

  • Family Day (Regis College closed)


February 19-23

  • Reading Week


February 23

  • MA students in their 2nd year to submit the MRP to the MRP Assessor For students wishing to convocate in Spring 2024
  • Last day to submit ThM (II) essays to TST for examination (Spring Convocation)

March 1

  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) Application Deadline
  • 2024-25 Courses go live on TST Website

March 8

  • Last day to drop HS, YY, HY and YS courses

March 15

  • Last day for current students to submit Financial Assistance Application Form for next academic year.

March 27

  • Last day to defend theses (Spring Convocations)

March 28

  • Maundy Thursday (evening classes rescheduled)

March 29

  • Good Friday (Regis College closed)

April 1

  • Course Registration for Summer Term Begins

April 5

  • TST Classes End

April 8-12

  • TST Examination Week

April 8

  • Deadline to submit Summer term request forms to Registar’s Office.

April 15

  • Completed MTS Synthesis Paper to reach mentor and second reader for evaluation.

April 22

  • Winter Session course grades due on ROSI (Colleges may have earlier deadlines)

April 25

  • Winter Session course grades seen by students via ACORN

April 25-26

  • MDiv Comps Exam

April 26

  • Deadline to submit MTS Synthesis Paper Proposal Planning Form for summer term to Registar’s Office

May 6

  • Summer classes begin


May 16

  • Emmanuel College Convocation


May 20

  • Victoria Day (Regis College closed)


May 31

  • Deadline to submit 2023 Graduation Application Form to the Registrar’s Office. $50 late fee will apply after this deadline.

June 3

  • Deadline for Post-General Exam PhD students to submit their annual report to TST


June 28

  • President’s Day Holiday (Regis College closed)
  • Members & Hospitality

    Student Council Members

    Monica Marcelli (PhD), Co-President

    Artur Suski, SJ (MDiv), Co-President

    Wilma Scherloski, Dean of Students

    Brian Bajzek (PhD)

    Blake Daly (MDiv)

    Catherine Holtzheyer (MTS)

    Young-Sook Kim (MAMS)

    Roshan Kiro, SJ (MDiv)

    Alex Llanera, SJ (MDiv)

    Julio Minsal-Ruiz, SJ (MDiv)

    James Sand, SJ (MDiv)

    Hospitality Committee


    No one is a stranger for long at Regis College. Students, faculty and staff are dedicated to making our college a real community. The Wednesday Liturgy at 1:30 pm followed by a light buffet lunch is the spiritual and social engine of the week. To make this happen, Ministers of Hospitality greet worshippers, bake or purchase food, set it out and clean up. If you would like to help with this rewarding ministry, please see Wilma Scherloski.


  • Student Representation

    Student Representatives on Committees, Councils and Boards

    Governing Council

    Monica Marcelli (PhD)

    Academic Council

    Artur Suski, SJ (MDiv), Zane Chu (PhD), Beth McCutcheon (PhD), Penn Dawson, SJ (MDiv), …

    Basic Degrees Committee

    Penn Dawson, SJ (MDiv)

    Graduate Degrees Committee

    Zane Chu (PhD), Beth McCutcheon (PhD)

    Ecclesiastical Degrees Committee

    Monica Marcelli (PhD), Sylvester Tan, SJ (ThM)

    Library Committee

    Beth McCutcheon (PhD), James Sand, SJ (MDiv)

    Student Services Committee

    Roshan Kiro, SJ (MDiv), Brian Bajzek (PhD)

    Regis College Representative to the TST Basic Degree Roundtable

    Christopher Grodecki, SJ (MDiv)

    Regis College Representative to the TST Graduate Students’ Association

    Robyn Boeré (PhD)

  • Events

    Annual Culturefest Potluck Dinner & Entertainment


    This is the great extravaganza of Regis College – a night of abundant and delicious multi-cultural foods and exciting entertainment. Students, faculty, staff, friends and families proudly present one of their national dishes and everyone then celebrates the final amazing array of appetisers, entrees and desserts. After dinner, the entertainment program of music and other surprising talents is unveiled. It is an event that cannot be missed!


    Other Events:


  • International Students Assistance

    International Students Assistance


    The Regis College students come from at least 33 different countries and sometimes require specialized information and support. The International Student Representative on Regis College Student Council coordinates informal opportunities for fellow international students to exchange information and strategies to adapt to Canadian society and a new academic environment throughout the academic year.



    Email: regisdean.students@utoronto.ca

    Phone: 416-922-5474 x266.


    In addition to an annual orientation to the library, critical reading and academic writing for all incoming students, Regis College offers a specialized Orientation for International Students on Monday, September 21, 2015 from 4 to 5 pm in the student lounge. We have invited Aziz El Mejdouby, International Student Immigration Advisor, Centre for International Experience, University of Toronto to this session. Learn about the things you need to know about studing and living in Canada.

  • Prayer Gatherings

    Prayer Gatherings


    Prayer is the anchor that grounds all our work as Student Council. While all our meetings start and end with prayer, the fulcrum of the Regis College community is the weekly celebration of the Eucharist to which all Student Council members are strongly encouraged to participate in. In addition, liturgies are celebrated Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 1:10pm in the St. Marie Chapel. Throughout the academic year, every Thursday 12:30pm-1pm all are invited to an Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in the St. Joseph’s Chapel.

    Liturgical Celebrations



    1:30pm – St. Joseph’s Chapel

    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

    1:10pm – St. Marie Chapel




    12:00pm to 1:00pm – St. Joseph’s Chapel

  • Meetings

    Our Monthly Meetings


    Student Council meetings are held three times each semester. They provide Regis students with an opportunity for open discussion on issues important to them and a way to become involved in activities sponsored by the College. The Council provides a liaison between the student body and the faculty. All students are welcome to attend meetings and are encouraged to volunteer to assist in the planning and execution of social and academic functions.

    Scheduled Meetings


    The meetings for 2016-2017 are:

    Wednesday, September 25, 20193:00 pm. – 4:30 p.m.Classroom D
    Wednesday, October 30, 20193:00 pm. – 4:30 p.m.Classroom D
    Wednesday, November 27, 20193:00 pm. – 4:30 p.m.Classroom D
    Wednesday, January 22, 20203:00 pm. – 4:30 p.m.Classroom D
    Wednesday, February 26, 20203:00 pm. – 4:30 p.m.Classroom D
    Wednesday, April 1, 2020TBAClassroom D
  • Resources

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