Integration for Ministry II 

Course Code: RGP3688HS


Maureen Baldwin, C.N.D.


Winter 2020
Tuesday 16:30 – 18:30




Regis College

Course Description

Through the development of the skill of theological reflection, the participants learn to reflect on their personal, ministerial, service and work experiences to discern the call of transformation and integration in the midst of the Christian tradition, specifically the Ignatian tradition, and our cultural realities. This theological reflection process takes place in a peer faith setting and involves a close reading of three recent works on Christian spirituality.

Course Objectives

The following teaching methods and formats will be used: lectures, seminar discussions, and small faith sharing groups. From time to time, we may use film and guided prayer experiences.


The following written and oral assignments and exercises will demonstrate students’ achievement of the intended learning outcomes:


  • Four 1-2 page papers, based on the assigned reading (dates and topics for the papers are yours to decide, so long as they engage with the material from the authors)
  • Spiritual conversation in small groups
  • One in-class presentation (to be explained at the session on 26 January 2016)


The course grade is pass/fail and will be calculated on the following basis: attendance at classes, the four 1-2 page reflection papers, the in-class presentation, and participation.

Course Schedule

A detailed course schedule is available for download.

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