IFM MAMS Pastoral Component 

Course Code: RGP3218HY


Maureen Baldwin, C.N.D.


Fall/Winter 2019/20
No Fixed Schedule



Course Description

This course is designed to give students who have completed IFM I and IFM II courses the opportunity to complete a pastoral placement in the community as they discern future ministry/service in the church or society. The placement is designed in collaboration between the student, the course instructor and a supervisor at the site of the placement in the community.

Course Objectives

In Respect of General Academic Skills

  • To integrate and appropriate the theory and practice of the pastoral skills introduced in IFM I & II

In respect of the understanding of the Content of one or more Theological Disciplines

  • To apply the skills of theological reflection to their understanding of their pastoral praxis in their community or church setting

In Respect of Personal and Spiritual Formation

  • To appropriate a capacity for genuine self-awareness and identity as a pastoral personTo discern their gifts and challenges for their particular focus in ministry/service in the community

In Respect of Ministerial and Public Leadership

  • To integrate the theory and practice of pastoral praxis for growth in their understanding of the needs within the church and the communityTo discern their ongoing call to particular service/ministry within the context and their awareness of the needs of the worldReadings will be selected based upon the particular topic and context of the student’s field placement.

Course Schedule

A detailed course schedule is available for download.

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