Thought of Bernard Lonergan

Course Code: RGT3530H





Regis College

Course Description

Overview and critical survey of the main elements of Bernard Lonergan’s thought emphasizing his contribution as a significant Canadian thinker and the Thomistic and Ignatian context of his thought. We will emphasize Lonergan’s philosophy of intentional consciousness, its basis for philosophical and theological method, the application of his method to select topics in systematic theology, to social development, and post-humus developments of his thought.

Course Learning Objectives

-become familiar with the basic ideas of a famous Canadian thinker
-improve interpersonal dialogical engagement with other class participants
-express theoretical concepts in written form and articulate the understanding with Examples
-application of theoretical concepts to personal relations and self-awareness
– reflect introspectively on material as applies to oneself and one’s world


-Engage in primary sources of a major thinker
-critical evaluation of sources
-write substantial critical papers on themes pertaining to course
-identify and distinguish various disciplines within the theological endeavor
-articulate the relationship between technical theological language and concrete praxis


Both sections:
-Increased understanding between relationship between philosophy and theology
– Increased understanding between theory and praxis ‘Good theory is practical’

Course Schedule

A detailed course schedule is available for download.

Week 1

Syllabus review, Course Overview, Introduction

Week 2

The Structure of Insight

Week 3

Emergent Probability

Week 4

The World of Common Sense

Week 5

Coordinated with Lonergan Graduate Seminar: Special Guest: Patrick Byrne

Week 6

Judgment, Self-Appropriation, and Knowledge of Being

Week 7

Method in Theology

Week 8

The Good, Evil and Redemption

Week 9

The Triune God and the Structure of Systematic

Week 10

Art, Meaning and Foundations for Other Religions

Week 11

The Good and its Social Implications

Week 12

Summing up of Lonergan’s philosophy: Genuineness and Authenticity/ Post-Lonergan Developments/Questions