John Dadosky

John Dadosky

B.A.; M.A.; S.T.L.; Ph.D.; S.T.D.

Professor of Theology and Philosophy
Director, Msgr. John Fraser Centre for Practical Theology

Room 205; ext. 262

Teaching Level: Basic Degree, GCTS Full (Regular Faculty)
Specializations: Systematic Theology

Prof. Dadosky received his S.T.L. from Regis College (1999), Ph.D. from the University of St. Michael’s College (2001); S.T.D. from Regis College (2004). He joined the faculty in July 2001 and teaches systematic theology and philosophy.


He is past Treasurer to the Board of Catholic Theological Society of America (2016-2021) and current Treasurer of the American Theological Society.


Awards: Visiting Professor, University of New Mexico (2010-2011)

  • Research Interests and Expertise

    • Philosophical Theology
    • Lonergan
    • Comparative Theology
    • Systematic Theology
    • Merton
    • Interreligious dialogue (with Buddhism)
    • Mariology

  • Courses

    • Philosophical Theology
    • Lonergan Studies
    • Systematic Theology
    • Faith and Culture
    • RGT6410HF – Ecclesiology
    • RGT3410HF – Ecclesiology
    • RGT6712HF – Theology as Biography
    • RGT3712HF – Theology as Biography
    • RGT2943HF – Social Faith, Eco-Justice and Transforming Beauty
    • RGT6530HS – Thought of Bernard Lonergan
    • RGT3530HS – Thought of Bernard Lonergan
    • RGT5578HF – Lonergan’s Method in Theology