Lonergan’s Method in Theology

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Regis College

Course Description

Textual reading and discussion of Lonergan’s Method in Theology with a view towards addressing an array of issues concerning method in the contemporary study of theology in the university setting. Examination of the foundations for theology and the various methodological disciplines and collaboration. Topics include: methodological relationship of subjectivity/objectivity, roles of research, history, criticism (dialectic), systematic theology, doctrines, interpretation (normative authority of certain texts), praxis, communication (scholarly reporting) meaning, culture, religion each as they pertain to method for theological reflection.

Course Objectives

  • Students will begin to understand the significance of the historical, philosophical, and theological context for a renewed priority on method. (ThM 1.1, 3.0; D. 1.1)
  • Student’s will be able to critically engage a principal author and primary source in the area of systematic theology (ThM 1.2; M, 1.1; D 1.1)
  • Students will be able to identify some of the methodological and pastoral issues connected with theology (ThM 3.0; M, 1.2; D
  • Students will reflect on theological methodology in systematic theology (M 3.0; D. 1.1, 4.1.1)
  • Students will be able to present critically and creatively on a selected area of research (M 1.2; D. 2.3-2.5;
  • Students will be able to write a scholarly paper and work towards published research (THM 2.3-2.5; M 2.4-2.6; D. 2.3-2.5).

Course Schedule

A detailed course schedule is available for download.

Week 1

Introductory: Context, Significance, Scope of project, Structure of project.

Week 2

Chapter 1: Method

Week 3

Chapter 2: The Human Good

Week 4

Chapter 3: Meaning

Week 5

Chapter 4: Religion

Week 6

Chapter 5: Functional Specialties

Week 7

Chapter 6 and 7: Research and Interpretation

Week 8

Chapter 8 & 9: History and Historians

Week 9

Chapter 10: Dialectic

Week 10

Chapter 11: Foundations

Week 11

Chapter 12: Doctrines

Week 12

Chapter 13& 14: Systematics and Communications