John Dadosky

John Dadosky

B.A.; M.A.; S.T.L.; Ph.D.; S.T.D.

Professor of Theology and Philosophy
Director, Msgr. John Fraser Centre for Practical Theology
Room 304; ext. 262

Teaching Level: Basic Degree, GCTS Full (Regular Faculty)
Specializations: Systematic Theology

Prof. Dadosky received his S.T.L. from Regis College (1999), Ph.D. from the University of St. Michael’s College (2001); S.T.D. from Regis College (2004). He joined the faculty in July 2001 and teaches systematic theology and philosophy. He is currently the Treasurer to the Board of Catholic Theological Society of America and Treasurer of the American Theological Society.


Recent Awards: Visiting Professor, University of New Mexico (2010-2011)

  • Research Interests and Expertise

    • Philosophical Theology
    • Lonergan
    • Systematic Theology
    • Merton
    • Interreligious dialogue (with Buddhism)
    • Mariology

  • Courses

    • Philosophical Theology
    • Lonergan Studies
    • Systematic Theology
    • Faith and Culture
    • RGT6410HF – Ecclesiology
    • RGT3410HF – Ecclesiology
    • RGT6712HF – Theology as Biography
    • RGT3712HF – Theology as Biography
    • RGT2943HF – Social Faith, Eco-Justice and Transforming Beauty
    • RGT6530HS – Thought of Bernard Lonergan
    • RGT3530HS – Thought of Bernard Lonergan
    • RGT5578HF – Lonergan’s Method in Theology

  • Selected Publications



    • Image to Insight: The Art of William H. McNichols. University of New Mexico Press, 2018.
    • The Eclipse of Beauty and its Recovery: A Lonergan Approach. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2014.
    • The Structure of Religious Knowing: Encountering the Sacred in the Thought of Eliade and Lonergan. Albany, NY: SUNY Press, 2004.




    • Bernard Lonergan, A Second Collection, (with Robert Doran), Collected Works of Lonergan, Vol. 13 (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2016).
    • Bernard Lonergan, A Third Collection, (with Robert Doran), Collected Works of Lonergan, Vol. 16 (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, est. 2017).
    • Bernard Lonergan, Method in Theology, (with Robert Doran), Collected Works of Lonergan, Vol. 15 (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, est. 2017).
    • Meaning and History in Systematic Theology: Essays in Honor of Robert M. Marquette University Press, 2009.
    • Mission, Inculturation, and Contextual Theology: Doran, S. J. Milwaukee, WI: Essays in Honour of Carl Starkloff, S.J. Special edition of the Toronto Journal of Theology 21/1 (Spring 2005).


    Recent essays


    • “The Original Green Campaign: Dr. Hildegard of Bingen’s Viridtas as Complement to Laudato Si’,” Toronto Journal of Theology 34/1 (2018): 79-95.
    • “Healing and Transformation: Lonergan, Girard and Buddhism,” New Blackfriars (2018).
    • “‘God’s Eternal Yes!’: An Exposition and Development of Lonergan’s Psychological Analogy of the Trinity”, Irish Theological Quarterly (November, 2016).
    • “The Transformation of Suffering in Paul of the Cross, Lonergan, and Buddhism.” New Blackfriars 96/1065 (September 2015):542-563.
    • “Has Vatican II been Hermeneutered?: Recovering and Developing its Theological Achievements following Rahner and Lonergan,” Irish Theological Quarterly 79/4 (November, 2014), 327-49.
    • “Lonergan on Wisdom,” Irish Theological Quarterly 79/1 (February, 2014): 45-67.
    • Ecclesia de Trinitate: Ecclesial Foundations from Above,” 94/1049 New Blackfriars, (January, 2013): 64-78.
    • “Desire, Bias and Love: Revisiting Lonergan’s Philosophical Anthropology,” Irish Theological Quarterly, 77/3 (2012): 244-64
    • “Who/What is/are the Church(es)?” Heythrop Journal 52/5 (2011): 785-801.
    • “Woman Without Envy: Toward Re-conceiving the Immaculate Conception,” Theological Studies, 72/1 March (2011): 15-40.
    • Is There a Fourth Stage of Meaning?” Heythrop Journal, 51/5 (2010): 768–780.
    • “‘Naming the Demon’: The ‘Structure’ of Evil in Lonergan and Girard.” Irish Theological Quarterly. 2010 75/4 (November): 355-72. “Sacred Symbols as Explanatory: Geertz, Eliade and Lonergan,” Fu Jen International Religious Studies 4/1 (July, 2010): 22-43
    • “The Proof of Beauty: From Aesthetic Experience to the Beauty of God.” Analecta Hermeneutica, v. 2 (2010): 1-15.
    • “Methodological Presuppositions for Engaging the Other in a Post-Vatican II Church: Contributions from Ignatius and Lonergan.” Journal of Inter- Religious Dialogue (March, 2010): 9-24.

  • Currently Teaching