Regis Announces Approval of Certificate in Theological Studies

Coming this January: Regis College is pleased to announce the approval of a long-awaited, conjoint Certificate in Theological Studies with the University of Toronto. This certificate provides university graduates with a general university-level foundation in Christian studies. Full-time students enrolled in this certificate program will be able to complete all the requirements within two semesters. Because we also wish to provide this certificate to those working full-time, Regis will also offer opportunities for students to undertake this certificate on a part-time basis.


This conjoint Certificate with the University of Toronto will provide students with a means to complete a sequence of courses in Christian studies, equipping them with a strong foundation in the field of Theology. It is intended for university graduates in fields other than Theological Studies, who are interested in obtaining a basic knowledge of theology in general or students who hope to pursue graduate theological studies, but lack the undergraduate prerequisites required to do so. Obtaining this Certificate requires seven, semester-long courses (5 core-courses and 2 electives), thus accommodating students unable to commit to a full course load. Our first cohort will begin this January 2019.