Spirituality and Culture

Course Code: RGP3214HF 


Monty Williams






Regis College

Course Description

The course intends to examine the dialogue between spirituality and culture in a post-modern world. It will trace the development of faith from the end of the medieval period to the present time and show why the narratives of our time with regard to spirituality are situated in that historical context and how they affect a reading of and engagement in our world today. Students will be presented with 1. a knowledge of contemporary critical theory and praxis. 2. development of research skills. 3. an exposure to the main issues of contemporary faith and culture. 4. an exposure of the ways these issues are dealt with in contemporary art/film/poetry. 5. A way of appropriating their lives through interiority analysis. For Basic Degree Students: class participation and papers. For Advance Degree Students: active, intelligent and focused class participation, short papers and a major paper.

Course Objectives

Course Schedule

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