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Serving the World: Student & Alumni/ae Reflections 2015/2016

Christopher Taucar

Christopher is in his final year of studies for his Master of Divinity.

Regis College is an incredible academic and faith filled community that fosters meaningful vocations. Through the constant direction of the professors at Regis I have been able to discover my love for theological bioethics. The theological education that I’m currently receiving is preparing me for a vocation in clinical ethics in a Canadian healthcare context.

Catherine Wright
PhD, 2015

Catherine is Assistant Professor and the “theologian” on campus at Wingate University in North Carolina.

As a mother, woman of faith, and Catholic ecotheologian, I serve the world by developing new ways to envision the relationships among God, creation, and humanity and re-imagining how we are being called to live and love faithfully in the twenty-first century. I am delighted to be getting back to the classroom to continue my work.

Lucelle Rose Marie Schmitz

Lucelle is currently studying for her Master in Theological Studies.

Might I suggest that Regis College serves its students in three ways: academically, practically and compassionately. When I reflect on how all three ways have impacted me, it is compassion that coats my ability to be academic in my contemplation and practical in my application. This is all possible because Regis College is family and families are the footings of society. Every person affiliated with Regis College is gifted with what it means to be in a kind, loving and compassionate family.

Jean Robert Dery SJ
Master of Divinity (2015)

Jean Robert is currently studying for his Master in Theology.

St. Ignatius of Loyola was right when he said that it is the community that sends us on our mission, and also, as the Haitian dictum goes: “yon sèl dwèt pas manje kalalou” (one finger cannot eat okra). In other words, if one has the community’s support, it is possible to achieve almost everything. Regis does educate the whole person. The formation is not only about academics but also about life. As I am moving toward ministry, I will try to put into practice everything that I have received from the Regis community, especially the idea that together we can do many things, even those that seem impossible to achieve.

Anne Jamieson
Doctor of Ministry (2015)

Anne is Director of the Catechesis Office in the Diocese of Hamilton.

I was excited to come to Regis for my Doctor of Ministry. Despite the fact that this program entails many online courses, I was amazed how welcomed I was at Regis. I loved the robust discussion and debate both in class and at the Lonergan lectures but I appreciated the gentle ways in which you’re always encouraged to reflect on your learning so it becomes your own. My studies have really helped me to grow in my role as the Director of the Catechesis Office in the Diocese of Hamilton. Thank you!