Lenten Thoughts for Friends of Regis College (Week Two)

Second Sunday of Lent

transfiguration“For after he had told the disciples of his coming Death, on the holy mountain he manifested to them his glory, to show, even by the testimony of the law and prophets, that the Passion leads to the glory of the Resurrection.”  Preface of 2nd Sunday of Lent.

By the vision of his Transfiguration Jesus strengthened his followers through the witness of the Law and the Prophets in the person of Moses and Elijah.  He strengthens us as we face the difficulties and struggles of our life through the suffering of his Passion and the glory of his Resurrection.

“God commands and reassures the disciples so that their fear can give way to trust in Jesus and belief concerning what he has to say to them … we, too, are ‘beloved’ and are therefore empowered to do what God commands.” (Kathy Perry in Called to pray, 2012, eds., Gilles Mongeau, SJ & Brett Salkeld.)


Please join Regis in prayer this Lent.  This is a generous gift with and for Regis’ ministry.


Joe Schner - Regis College

Joseph Schner, S.J., A.B.; M.A.; M.Div.; S.T.L.; Ph.D.
Interim President, Regis College
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