Lenten Thoughts for Friends of Regis College (Week Four)

Fourth Sunday of Lent


“By the mystery of the Incarnation, Christ has led the human race that walked in darkness into the radiance of the faith and has brought those born in slavery to ancient sin through the waters of regeneration to make them your adopted children.”  Preface of the 4th Sunday of Lent.

I remember when I had my cataract surgery the great joy of once again being able to see light and colours.  What must have been the joy of the man born blind – to be able to see the world around him that he could only hear, feel and taste.  This is the joy that God desires to give us with the gift of faith that he gives us in the Resurrection life that Jesus shares.

“Who could remain unaffected by such a gift?  Who could be indifferent to a benefaction that embraces us in our weakness and lifts us up in the most wonderful way to be reconciled in eternal life?”  (Gordon Rixon, SJ in Called to pray, 2012, eds., Gilles Mongeau, SJ & Brett Salkeld.)

Please join Regis in prayer this Lent.  This is a generous gift with and for Regis’ ministry.


Joe Schner - Regis College

Joseph Schner, S.J., A.B.; M.A.; M.Div.; S.T.L.; Ph.D.
Interim President, Regis College
Professor, Psychology & Psychology of Religion
Room 313; ext. 222