Important Update: Beginning 7 Sept., all students, faculty, & staff must upload proof of vaccination to UCheck & complete UCheck self-assessment before coming to campus

On behalf of Susan Wood, SCL

Dear Regis College Faculty, Staff, and Students:

I write to provide you with an update on in-person instruction, COVID-19 self-assessments, vaccinations, and in-person activities at the College.

In-person instruction

In keeping with the provincial O.Reg. 364/20: Rules for Areas at Step 3 and at the Roadmap Exit Step, effective 7 September, provincial physical distancing and capacity limit requirements will be removed for indoor instructional spaces. Physical distancing requirements will remain in effect for other College spaces, and masking requirements will remain in effect both for instructional spaces and other public-use College spaces. Faculty are not required to wear masks while lecturing if they physically distance themselves from the students.

This means that more Regis classes will now have the possibility of being delivered in-person this fall. I am currently working with faculty to determine which classes will be delivered in person this semester. Please know that I shall not force any faculty member or instructor to deliver a course in-person, should they feel unsafe doing so this semester. I shall also ensure that determinations about course delivery methods this fall will proceed with students’ needs and safety in mind. Any student who wishes may contact me (susank.wood@utoronto.ca) should they like to voice a concern about this. Determination about course delivery in the winter term will be made later.

COVID-19 self-assessments and vaccinations

As I informed you in an email on 16 August, the University of Toronto has implemented a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy for anyone wishing to visit campus. The University is currently working on updating UCheck so that members of the U of T community can upload proof of vaccination status to it. “Individuals seeking a permitted exemption [from the vaccination requirement] for medical reasons or other protected grounds under the Ontario Human Rights Code will be able to make a request through the University’s Enterprise Service Centre (ServiceNow). Forms are now available and completed requests can be uploaded for review beginning Sept. 2” (https:// www.utoronto.ca/utogether/vaccines).

I wish to take this opportunity to remind you that any member of the University of Toronto community must complete either a UCheck self-assessment or the equivalent self-assessment PDF for students or for employees (including faculty) before coming to campus, including Regis College. The College will remind all members of the community of this requirement regularly.

In-person activities at the College

Regis College is currently open to University of Toronto and Regis College faculty, staff, and students only, for limited services and operations. The library is open for material pickup services, and a limited number of study spaces are open in the library and main floor of Regis College. The Regis College library stacks will open on 7 September. See our library’s webpage for more information and updates.

Any person visiting Regis College must complete a UCheck selfassessment (or the PDF equivalent) beforehand, and must sign in at the front desk for contact tracing. I wish to remind faculty and staff to sign in at the front desk, if they enter the building through another door. Further, the front desk shall ask students, faculty, and staff to display their green UCheck screen upon checking in beginning 7 Sept.

I appreciate your flexibility and nimbleness amidst regulations and policies that seem to change by the minute! I shall provide you with updates as they become available. As always, any member of the Regis College community should feel free to contact me directly, should they have a question or concern about any of the above. I wish you the best as the academic term approaches.

Academic Dean Professor, Systematic Theology
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Toronto, ON M5S 2Z5 Canada
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