President’s Message

Thomas Worcester, S.J. | President

June 1, 2020


As we have celebrated the joy of the Easter season and of Pentecost, we have also been dealing with a situation that has been a challenge for all of us, an utterly unexpected disruption of routines and activities we largely take for granted. Some speak of all of us in this together when referring to the pandemic and its consequences, and there is certainly truth in that. Yet some are suffering a great deal, and others hardly at all. The many and diverse people who make up Regis College are not exempt from these disparities, and I dare say that we are called to be sensitive to the needs of those around us, of friends and family, but also of others.


Please consider making a gift to the College at this time, in order to help keep our many academic programs available and accessible in a time of reduced income for Regis. Such reduction takes various forms, rental income being one. We normally bring in a good amount of summer income this way, especially from film shoots, but we expect little or none of this activity in summer 2020.


I also draw special attention in order that we may assist our students in particular need. For example, some of our international students, students essential to our global mission as a Jesuit School of Theology, may need significant financial assistance if they are to enroll at Regis at all.


To be sure, you may find that you cannot give at this time of unemployment and financial uncertainty, but I ask that those with the capacity to do so to consider making a larger gift than usual. We will be most grateful for your assistance in this difficult period.


Let us pray that this pandemic may end soon, and that if we are changed by it, it may be to become persons more generous and compassionate with each other.


With all best wishes,


Thomas Worcester, SJ
Regis College



To make other gift arrangements, contact the Advancement Office via e-mail at

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