Jerry Skira

Jaroslav Z. Skira

B.A.; M.A.; S.T.L.; Ph.D.

Inaugural Dean, Regis-St. Michael’s Faculty of Theology
Director of Advanced Degrees
Associate Professor of Historical Theology

Room 112; ext. 250

Teaching Level: Basic Degree, GCTS Full (Regular Faculty on Sabbatical)
Specializations: Historical Theology
Cross-listed to Historical and Theological

Jaroslav Skira has been teaching at Regis College since 2001, and tenured since 2005. Prior to coming to Regis College, he held various teaching positions at St. Michael’s College, Regis College, the Sheptytsky Institute of Eastern Christian Studies (St. Paul University, Ottawa), and the L’viv Theological Academy (Ukrainian Catholic University, Ukraine). He is an Ukrainian Greco-Catholic layperson. Since 2011, he has also served as the Director, Graduate Centre for Theological Studies of the Toronto School of Theology.

  • Research Interests and Expertise

    • Iconography – History & Thought
    • Eastern Orthodox Theology – Trinity, Ecclesiology
    • Roman Catholic & Eastern Orthodox Communion Ecclesiology
    • Authors: John Zizioulas, Georges Florovsky, Yves Congar.

  • Courses

    • RGH1010H History of Christianity (to AD 843)
    • RGH3430H History of Eastern Christianity
    • RGH3157H Trinity to 1054AD
    • RGH3755H Eastern Christian Icons
    • RGT3563H Eastern Christian Doctrines

  • Selected publications

    • The Second Vatican Council Diaries (1960-1965) of Metropolitan Maxim Hermaniuk. Translated J.Z. Skira. Annotated by K. Schelkens.
    • “Catholicism and Eastern Christianity.” Oxford Handbook of Catholic Theology. Ed. Lewis Ayres and Medi Ann Volpe. Oxford University, 2015.
    • Companion Volume in Ukrainian on CD: Щоденники Другого Ватиканського Собору (1960-1965) Митрополита Максима Германюка. Ред. Я. Скіра, К. Шелкенс, С. Мендела. Peeters Press, Belgium 2012.
    • “‘Destined Before the Foundation of the World’: Creation and Incarnation in Georges Florovsky and John Zizioulas.” In θεολογια: Τριμηνιαία Έκδοση της Ιεράς Συνόδου της Εκκλησίας της Ελλάδος [Theologia: A Quarterly of the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece] 4 (2010) 205-224.
    • Co-Editor, with Michael Attridge. In God’s Hands: Essays on the Church and Ecumenism in Honour of Michael Fahey, S.J. Belgium: Peeters Press, 2006.
    • Co-Editor, with Myroslaw Tataryn. Windows to the East: Eastern Christians in a Dialogue of Charity (Ottawa: Novalis, 2001).

  • Current Research Projects and Grants

    His current research projects include further archival work on the Vatican II diaries of Met. Maxim Hermaniuk, and a book-length project on Eastern Christian ecclesiology.

  • Currently Teaching

    Currently I am not teaching any courses as I am away on sabbatical.