Pastoral Competency

Course Code: RGT2810HS


Michael Rosinski, S.J.


Saturday, 9:00 – 15:00

2020 January 25, February 8, March 7, March 28




Regis College

Course Description

To assist students seeking ordination to the priesthood in acquiring practical competence in celebrating the Sacrament of Reconciliation, RGT2810H “Pastoral Competency” focusing on case-study and role-playing will be offered during the second year of the Master of Divinity program. It will be followed by an oral examination devoted to practical cases in the sacramental ministry of reconciliation. A letter assessing pastoral competence is given to students upon successful completion of the workshop and examination.

Course Pre-requisites

Those who wish to pursue Pastoral Competency are required to take the following pre-requisite courses in the following areas:


  • Ethical Reflections of Pastoral Practice
  • Sexual Ethics
  • Canon Law
  • Bioethics
  • Social Justice


Please note that all of these courses must be taken at a Catholic college. The Pastoral Competency course and examination are also open to those preparing for lay ministry. You must seek approval from the M.Div. Director and the Registrar to participate in this course in August prior to the academic year in which it is offered, and request for permission to enroll via the Registrar’s Office.

Course Schedule

A detailed course schedule is available for download.

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