Integrative Approaches to Trauma in Psychotherapy and Spiritual Care

Course Code: RGP6535HF 


Desmond Buhagar, S.J.


Fall 2022
Thursdays, 6pm – 9pm




Regis College

Course Description

This entry-level-to-practice, interdisciplinary course will examine the phenomenology of trauma as it impinges on human beings (individuals, families, cultural groups) from a bio-psycho-social-spiritual model of care. Special consideration given to contemporary, evidence-based treatments from a range social science disciplines, as well a credible intervention practices from religious and spiritual traditions- such as mindfulness, hoping-building, meaning-making, and forgiveness protocols- and their potential roles in healing of both direct and vicarious forms of trauma. The following major areas will be explored: 1) Trauma in Childhood, Adolescence, and the Family; 2) Trauma and Disrupted Attachment Relationships; 3) Trauma as Health Crisis {Physical and Mental); 4} Trauma and Women; 5) Trauma as Socio-Historical Events, such as: a) Natural Disasters, b) Terrorism and War Conflicts; c) Cultural Genocide, Religious Persecution and Refugees, d) Cultural Oppression and Victimization of First Nations Peoples; 6) Trauma and Resiliency. Throughout the course will be the pervasive themes of the self-care of the clinician, and the fostering of client resource through spiritual, family and community resources, leading to healing and posttraumatic growth

Program Requirements

Fulfills the Entry-to-Practice Competency Profile of the College of Registered Psychotherapist of Ontario {CRPO) for: “Founda!ions” (1.1-1.5), “Collegial & lnterprofessionat Relationships (2.1-2.3), “Therapeutic Process: Mental Disorders/Psychopathologies/Issues in Contexts of Care (4.1-4.7), “Professional Literature and Applied Research.” (5.1-5.2)

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