Supervised Practice and Appropriation of the Ministry of Spiritual Direction

Course Code: RGP3269HY 


Maureen Baldwin, C.N.D



Fall 2019/Winter 2020

No fixed schedule, but all students must attend meetings: 10:00-12:00, on 2019 Sep 20, Nov 15; and 2020 Jan 17; March 6) 




Regis College

Course Description

This course is designed to intensify the experience of individual spiritual direction and supervision initiated in Practicum in Spiritual Direction: RGP3/6661 and Retreat in Everyday Life: RGP3/6248. Through supervision and discernment the director grows in a deeper awareness of responses to a perceived presence or absence of God in the ministry of spiritual direction. Supervision is valued as a way to enable the spiritual director to help others recognize and integrate God’s presence and direction in every aspect of life. Through an integrative theological reflection paper and a pastoral competency interview, the course is intended to reveal the spiritual director’s appropriated theology and practice of spiritual direction as a ministry.

Course Goals

To follow.

Course Schedule

To be given on the first week of classes.

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