Student Housing

Regis College students are able to take advantage of many of the services provided by the University of Toronto Student Housing Services, including some residences, family housing and off-campus referrals. Inquiries should be made as early as possible.
  • University of Toronto Housing

    U of T has many resources to help students feel at home, including information about housing search tips, finding housing on- and off-campus, family housing, housing emergencies and adapting to life in Toronto.


    Koffler Student Services Centre

    214 College Street
    Toronto, ON M5T 2Z9
    Tel. 416-978-8045


    89 Chestnut Residence

    89 Chestnut Residence may have a limited number of rooms for graduate students. Residence fees include a meal plan. Please apply as early as possible. To ensure a faster offer, please list Super Single as your first choice.
    Tel. 416-585-3160
    On-line application:


    Family Housing

    The University of Toronto provides family housing in two high-rise buildings just around the corner from Regis College at 30 and 35 Charles St. W. Priority is given to student families therefore single students should seek housing elsewhere. Applications are available from the University of Toronto Student Family Housing.


    35 Charles Street W.
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    M4Y 1R6
    tel: 416-978-8049


    The waiting period can be prolonged so it is advisable to apply as soon as you begin to contemplate studying at Regis.

  • Women Theology Students

    A limited number of spaces are available for women theology students at:


    Loretto College

    70 St. Mary St.
    Toronto, ON M5S 1J3
    Tel 416-925-2833
    Loretto College is affiliated with the University of St. Michael’s College.


    Stella Maris Residence & Formation House

    114 Madison Ave.,
    Toronto, ON M5R 2S5
    Tel 416-920-6958

  • Jesuit Theology Students

    Jesuit students of Regis College are normally housed in one of the residences of the Regis College Jesuit Community. These residences are located within walking distance of the College. Further information may be obtained by contacting the Rector of the Regis College Jesuit Community.


    Contact Information

    Tel: 416-922-5474


  • Additional Housing

    International and other students who encounter difficulty finding appropriate housing may contact Regis College to seek assistance.