Teacher Formation Program

The Regis College Teacher Formation Program (TFP) is focused on the personal, spiritual, and intellectual formation of religious educators for leadership and service in Ontario. Fully accredited by the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT), the Regis College TFP supports the ongoing formation of course developers, course instructors and candidates participating in Part I, Part II and Specialist additional qualification (AQ) courses in Religious Education listed under Schedule D of Ontario Regulation 176/10.

2018 Course Information

In the Footsteps of Jesus

Presented by Patricia O’Reilly and Scott Lewis, S.J. 

Tentative Dates* July 6 – 20, 2018

This journey examines the story of the Christian faith in the place where it all began.  Many scholars consider the land of Israel the fifth Gospel. Immersing yourself in this land will bring you closer to the history, archeology, anthropology, culture, people and politics that spans over thousands of years. Israel is the Holy Land; a country where you will see the Bible come to life in ways that will touch your life today. Expect a Blessing! Auditors are welcome.

Enrollment is limited. Please pre-register to guarantee your space. Enroll online (valid Visa or MasterCard required). Course Fee: $550.00.


Travel and insurance costs are separate. Please contact Patricia O’Reilly at patricia.oreilly@utoronto.ca for more information. There will be an opportunity to attend pre-trip classes at Regis College.

Past Course Information

500 Years: Luther to Vatican II and Beyond

Presented by Patricia O’Reilly and Scott Lewis, S.J. 

2017 marks the 500 year anniversary of the Reformation. On 31st October 1517, Martin Luther, one of the most influential figures in Western history, nailed his 95 theses, to the door of a Wittenberg Church. Luther’s writings were responsible for sparking the Protestant Reformation as well as reform within the Catholic Church. His central teachings, that the Bible is the central source of religious authority and that salvation comes through faith and not deeds, shaped the core of Protestantism.  Unfortunately, his radical writings against Jews contributed to the rise of German anti-Semitism.


Luther is a courageous and controversial figure. Not all of his theological insights have been universally accepted, but his emphasis on personal conversion and encounter with the scriptures are his legacy to all Christians. As we tour the land of the Reformation, tracing Luther’s footsteps in major cities and small medieval towns, we will make connections between the Reformation and the 500 years of Church History leading to the Second Vatican Council and onward to 2017.


s a theological college operated by the Jesuits in English-Speaking Canada, chartered by the Province of Ontario and federated with the University of Toronto, Regis College contributes many resources to enrich the continuous personal formation and professional development of teachers working in the Ontario school system, especially the Roman Catholic sector. Members of the Regis faculty are available to conduct master classes that locate and enrich elements of the established religious education curriculum within the horizon of post-baccalaureate level theology, spirituality, and contextual analysis. Members of the broader Regis College community of faculty and students invite course developers, course instructors and candidates to participate in prayer, worship, service projects, informal educational events and social celebration, an invitation that offers an opportunity to join in the formation ethos of the college. Finally, the Regis College Library makes a collection of close to 80,000 items focused on theology and specialized instruction available to participants.


Regis College and the Jesuits have a long association with education in Ontario, a relationship which spans literally 400 years and included the leadership of Brebeuf High School in the former Metropolitan Separate School Board. Building the original Ratio Studiorum, Jesuits have contributed significantly to curriculum and pedagogical method. In recent years this has taken the form of the Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm, which is a learner-centered approach that fosters the direct encounter between a learner and truth. Regis College has drawn on this tradition and adapted its application to its professional development and research oriented programs. Our graduates have been employed as teachers, chaplains, supervisors and leaders in the Catholic system.

The 2017-2018 course schedule offers AQ courses in July 2018 in Israel & Jordan.
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To register, please complete the following steps:

1. Determine that you meet the course prerequisites:

Religious Education Part One


  • active membership in the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT)


Religious Education Part Two


  • active membership in the OCT
  • a successfully complete Religious Education Part One
  • at least one (1) school year (194 days) of successful teaching experience


Religious Education Specialist


  • Active membership in the OCT
  • A successfully completed Religious Education Part Two
  • At least two (2) school years (388 days) of successful teaching experience, including at least one school year (194 days) of experience in religious education or religious education taught in an integrated format in a Catholic school where the applicant demonstrates that she or he has planned and implemented instruction, and evaluate students using approved curriculum policy documents related to religious education – see OCT Memo 30 August 2012, “Successful Teaching Experience for Additional Qualifications.

2. Download and complete the following forms:

Religious Education Registration Form  


Certification of Teaching Experience Form  


Deliver the forms by fax, mail or email:






Teacher Formation Program

Regis College

100 Wellesley Street West

Toronto ON M5S 2Z5.


Scan and Email:



3. Register and pay by credit card.

Online Payment  


Cheques may be mailed with registration form and certificate of experience forms. Space in course is not guaranteed until acknowledged.

4. Steps after acceptance.

Once accepted into the program, travel agent booking and liability release forms will be sent those enrolled.


Do not book with the travel agent until accepted into program. Travel agent booking must be completed within specified time to hold position. Participants must hold a valid passport that does do expire for at least six months after travel. Courses are subject to a minimum enrollment.


Regis College reserves the right to cancel a course and issue a full refund.