Israel Study Program

Regis College and The University of St. Michael’s College, Faculty of Theology, University of Toronto, offers Biblical Courses in Jerusalem.
We offer these courses in collaboration with The Center for Biblical Formation, Notre Dame De Sion, Ecce Homo.
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The Centre for Biblical Formation in offers academic programs of study centred on the Word of God: drawing on Jewish sources and tradition; visiting sites related to the biblical text; reflecting on relevant Church Documents; and engaging with the peoples of the Land.

This is a unique opportunity to study, contemplate and pray with the biblical text in the Land so central to its composition. Students will become part of an international, ecumenical community exposed to the best of contemporary Christian and Jewish scholarship.

Scripture courses may be taken as part of the Basic Degree Programme, the Advanced Degree Programme or as a Religious Education Additional Qualification Course. Auditors are welcome.

Directed by Scott Lewis, SJ. and Darren Dias, OP.

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